Lake Point Tower Video: Condos With Spectacular Views

Lots of people see Lake Point Tower from the outside.  They stop on the sidewalk and crane their necks.  They point.  They take pictures.  And you can’t blame them.  It is an incredible building to look at.

But think what it’s like to look out from the inside of Lake Point Tower. The views from there are equally amazing.  For one thing, there are over 11,000 windows in the building.  That means the exterior walls of every room are glass.  From there, regardless what level you live on–4 or 64–you have spectacular views.  There isn’t a blocked or bad view in the whole place.  Since the building is on a peninsula  surrounded on three sides by water, practically every person in the building looks out at Lake Michigan.  The ones who don’t, have great views of the city of Chicago.  Most people get to see both.   And people living on the upper floors with an east view can see the shorlines of four states:  Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan.

It’s pretty great, all right.  And to help you “see” what we’re talking about, check out the video above (click on the arrow in the center of the picture) and tell us what you think.

If you would like your own copy of the video, come to  Lake Point Tower at 505 N. Lake Shore Dr. to the second floor management office. There you can pick up a disk with the video on it for five dollars.

Next time we’re going to be talking about Flickr and how to get in on the Lake Point Tower fun there.  Stay tuned!

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  1. haksever suner said

    wonderful achievment

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