Alfred Caldwell and Skyline Park

Alfred Caldwell was a world-famous landscape architect.  He designed the first roof-top garden in the city of Chicago, and it rests above the parking garage of Lake Point Tower.

Skyline Park

Skyline Park

No doubt Mr. Caldwell was brilliant, but he also had a reputation as being difficult to work with.  He was fired from numerous jobs.  After being released from one project, he was asked why he had been let go.  He is reputed to have said, “Because the bastards have no dreams!”

Well, Alfred Caldwell had dreams, and residents of Lake Point Tower are the lucky recipients of them whenever they visit their own rooftop paradise.

Skyline Park is a 2.5 acre expanse that contains a lovely lagoon, a waterfall, a swimming pool, a barbeque area and a children’s playground.  Surrounding these attractions are beautiful flowerbeds and shady retreats.   Nesting mallards appear every spring, and the resulting ducklings bring joy to everyone.

Ducks on lagoon

See more photos of our park on Flickr.  Or descriptions of Skyline Park on our website,

More to come on our fabulous home.  Please let us hear from you.

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