Lake Point Tower–Green Roof Pioneer

Aerial view of Skyline Park at Lake Point Tower

Aerial view of Skyline Park, Lake Point Tower

P. K. (Trish) VanderBeke, an architect and long-time Lake Point Tower resident recently presented a paper at a conference in Atlanta.  The paper, Lake Point Tower: A Green Roof Case Study, had several interesting facts about Skyline Park.

For instance, Ms. VanderBeke notes that Alfred Caldwell, the landscape architect who designed LPT’s Skyline Park, was also responsible for such Chicago landmarks as Promintory Point and the Lily Pond at Linclon Park.

She goes on to say that Mr. Caldwell might well have been describing Skyline Park when he wrote the following about the Lily Pond:  “The garden…(is) planned as a sanctuary of the native landscape, a place sequestered from Megalopolis, the jungle of profound ugliness; a cool, refreshing, clear place of trees and stones and running water–

Skyline Park Waterfall

Skyline Park Waterfall

an exposition, in little, of the structure of the land…A small enlongated lagoon, made riverlike in character, flows through the garden.  This river, in a sense, has cut a channel through limestone, ancd the ledges are intermittently revealed.  A waterfall at one end is the river’s source.  The entire garden is planted as a forest.  A stone walk winds through the forest near the water’s edge…The planting is designed as an integral part of the native terrain and the stones.”

Skyline Park Lagoon, with Ducks

Skyline Park Lagoon, with Ducks

Lovely and ever so descriptive of what we at LPT walk through at will.

Let us know what you think of this and other posts.

Upcoming:  Commemorative LPT 40th Anniversary poster and an up close and personal view of our unique window washing machine.


  1. WillG said

    Great post! Chicago has really been a leader with green roofs in the US. The urban heat island study has really shed light on the issue for major cities.

    Perhaps you saw where Toronto passed a green roof mandate (

    I didn’t know until recently that Tokyo had done the same thing back in Dec of 2008.

    Great blog!

    • garydwilson said

      Thanks. We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm. It’s great to live in a building that was ahead of the curve in green rooftops. So glad there’s as much legislation globally. Thanks for sharing the link.

  2. Maria said

    grat idea building a roof with vegetation! i’ve recently visited the site and i find it very informative about green roofs!!

  3. […] Lake Point Tower:  Green Roof Pioneer Three Urban Parks by Alfred Caldwell Lake Point Tower’s Park, Pond and Pool Video from YoChicago Flickr photos of Skyline Park […]

  4. […] Lake Point Tower:  Green Roof Pioneer Three Urban Parks by Alfred Caldwell […]

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