Architects Speak Out–Why I Live at Lake Point Tower

LPT poster

Lake Point Tower 40th Anniversary Poster

Lake Point Tower’s lead architect, George Schipporeit, created the above poster to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the building he designed.  We know how Mr. Schipporeit feels about LPT and were curious about how other architects do as well.  So we asked them.  Their responses appear below.  By the way, all respondents live in Lake Point Tower.  Do you wish you could, too?

1.  How important was the building’s design in your decision to live at Lake Point Tower?

Roberta Feldman
Roberta Feldman

Roberta Feldman:  The building’s design was key in my husband’s and my decision to live at Lake Point Tower.  It is the most handsome, significant highrise residential building in Chicago and only one of a few nationally.

Trish VanderBecke
:   The decision to buy a unit in Lake Point Tower was based economic and that old adage “location, location, location.”  The decision to remain at Lake Point Tower for 20 years has been based on the daily experience of living with exceptional design.

Deever Rockwell
Deever Rockwell

Deever Rockwell:
Very important.  Its views and park, the possibility of being IN the city without being stifled by the city.

The sweeping views from every vantage point made our decision to make Lake Point Tower our second home instantaneous.  There was really no competition compared to the other condos we looked at.  We found its enduring design, which has retained its modernism over the decades, enormously appealing.

2.  What do you as a resident and an architect appreciate most about the design of Lake Point Tower?

Roberta Feldman: The curving form of the building is not only exquisite, but also provides subtle changes in the views from each unit.  Our apartment, for example, allows city views at one end, lake views at the other, and Monroe Harbor in between.

View of Lake Point Tower by Trish VanderBeke
View of Lake Point Tower by Trish VanderBeke

Trish VanderBecke:
The views, inside and out, the concrete column and slab construction that make it easy to create a timeless living environment. The private outdoor space of Skyline Park, all the building’s amenities and its location.

Deever Rockwell:
The quality of light, sense of spaciousness, airiness and openness in every unit.

Robert Blaich:
We never tire of the views
, not only of the lake and the city but also of the park.  It was an amazing harbinger

Robert Blaich

Robert Blaich

of rooftop greenery that is now becoming a Chicago model for urban landscape design.

So there you have it, straight from the experts.  Any reactions?  Any comments?  Let us hear from you.

Upcoming:  LPT’s fabulous window washing machine.

Oh, and if you’re interested, George Schipporeit’s terrific poster will be available for purchase beginning in September at the Chicago Architecture Foundation Store on South Michigan Avenue and in the Lake Point Tower management office.

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