Lake Point Tower Ranks #73 Among America’s Favorite Buildings

Lake Point Tower, 505 N. Lake Shore Drive

Americans love to rank things–cars, movies, who is and is not best-dressed, you name it.  So why not buildings?

In 2007, the American Institute of Architects asked 2,500 of their members to choose their favorite structures in America.  They came up with a list of 247, along with photographs, and began surveying several thousand people, asking them to rank their five favorite buildings and structures from among that group.

It turns out that Lake Point Tower is not only a favorite building in Chicago. It’s also beloved of Americans across the country.  They rated Lake Point Tower number 73 of 150 favorite buildings in America.

And now comes the fun part for you. Click here  to scroll through larger photos of the buildings on the AIA list and cast your ballot for your own “favorite five.”

I don’t know how Paul is voting, but as for me, Gary, these are my favorites among the buildings I’ve seen: Library of Congress, Guggenheim Museum, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Golden Gate Bridge and last but not least our own Lake Point Tower.  Yeah, really.  I mean that–and not just because I live here.

We hope you’ll agree that Lake Point Tower belongs high up on that list, but that’s up to you.  Just for kicks, how did you vote? Leave us a comment and let us know.

(So do you like the Christmas in July theme here?  The green and red?  It’s been cool enough in Chi-town to warrant that.)

Next week:  Finally, maybe, our window washing machine post?  Check back and see what we come up with.

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