Doing the Windows at Lake Point Tower

Sunlight reflecting from glass curtain wall of Lake Point Tower

Sunlight reflecting from glass curtain wall of Lake Point Tower

Do you do windows? Probably a better question is:  do you LIKE to do windows? How about if you were responsible for washing 11,310 windows? I think I know the answer.

11,310 is the number of windows at Lake Point Tower. I count 21 windows in my condominium alone.  Each pane is 80 inches high and 44 inches wide. That is a lot of glass. 

But at Lake Point Tower it’s all that glass that makes the place so remarkable.  It’s all that glass that lets you experience such tremendous views.

Sunrise over Navy Pier

Sunrise over Navy Pier

But here’s the problem: how do you keep 11,310 windows clean so residents of Lake Point Tower can have those fantastic views day after day?

The answer lies in an ingenius machine that automatically cleans 11,310 windows in LPT every month.

Window washing machine-WilsonThe machine was designed specifically for Lake Point tower.  It is one of two machine like it in Chicago–the other operates at the former Sears Tower but is much larger than the machine shown here.  Only a handful of such machines are in use anywhere else in the world.

The machine has wheels that fit inside the frame of the windows to keep it in place.  Two cables wrap around a drum on the roof of the building that raises and lowers the machine.

The window washer is maintained and operated by Jerry Carlson, an employee of Lake Point Tower.

Here is what the machine looks like from the inside of the building.

Window washing machine from inside Lake Point Tower

Remember the figure 11,310 windows and the wonderful machine that helps make the spectacular views from home possible.

Let us know what you think of this great piece of engineering.   All comments are welcome.

Coming next:  A commemorative poster and book on the design of Lake Point Tower in celebration of the building’s Fortieth Anniversary.

Stay tuned.


  1. pae said

    can i know the designer or manufacturer of the machine?

    • paulleroux said

      This is what our property manager said about the machine’s manufacturer:

      The company is long gone. The window washing equipment was manufactured by Alpana Aluminum Products, a division of SteepleJack. They were located at 13500 County Road in Minneapolis (612) 544 1551. Their representative was a man named Chuck Auger who now works with Verta Scaffolds and can be reached at (612) 747-5523. FYI, since there may only be a dozen of these machines in the country, we are doing everything we can to maintain an item that is difficult to replace. If I were looking to replace ours, I would start with a window washing company to see if they knew of any manufacturers.

      • pae said


  2. Jeff Block said

    Management Company was Changed again…to Wollin Levin 9 months ago.
    Hopefully much wil be improved with there excellent follow up skills to resolve all problems to make the unit owners happy in there homes.

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