Yelp Reviewers Love Lake Point Tower

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Here is the Lake Point Tower page from Yelp. As you can see, LPT has six fans.  Only Marina City has more.

What’s Yelp? It’s a website where you or anyone can log in and post public comments about local places, services and products.  According to their home page, Yelp is “the fun and easy way to find, review and talk about what is great — and not so great — in your neighborhood.”

Here’s the link to Lake Point Tower on Yelp.

And listen to these raves from our fans:

Angela N from Washington DC: I love this building’s combination of dark glass material and smoothly soft gentle curves.  It’s just such a striking and unusual design, like a rock made smooth and shiny by a flowing river.  It’s all the more striking because it stands alone on the Chicago skyline, the only skyscraper east of Lake Shore Dr.

S R from Philadelphia: My friend lives here and the place is amazing! It’s right next to Lake Michigan and Navy Pier so there’s always something exciting going on in this area.  If you have mucho dinero and like to host social gatherings, this is place for you!

R L from Chicago: A very cool looking building indeed. For those that have the big bucks to live here, I must once again raise my martini glass to you. There is an amazing view from inside one of these condos. Not a bad place to host a cocktail party from.

Bill M from Chicago: Lake Point Tower is one of the few pieces of modern architecture embraced by the general public. If this were just a rectangle, no one would care about it. Since it is basically a curved Y in plan, this majestic condo tower with an enviable lakefront location looks good to everybody. What a place this would be to witness the Air Show or fireworks!

Liliana from Chicago: Lake Point Tower stands beautifully in the skyline. You are walking distance from Navy Pier and it is in a great location.

IQ from Chicago: This condo is pretty much hard to miss!! It has to be by far the most prettiest bulding to live in.  You can see any place from inside.  It has a great view to Navy Pier.

How about a comment from you?

Leave one on this blog, below, or on Lake Point Tower’s Yelp page.  When you log into Yelp, you can also upload your favorite photos of the building.

More to come from a guy from the “squished floors.” Also a calendar of events for the 40th Anniversary Celebration.  Keep looking in!

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