Hey, Jeff, Come on UP–Life at Lake Point Tower

Illustration from Chicago Magazine, August 2009

Illustration from Chicago Magazine, August 2009

In the August 2009 issue of Chicago Magazine, Jeff Ruby writesAs a kid, I believed that lake Point Tower was sinking into Lake Michigan. Whenever we passed the building, lurking alone by the water like a black-tinted Godzilla, my father told me so. “In a few years, the bottom floors will be underwater,” he said, and every year we visited the city, Lake Point Tower looked a little shorter. I imagined a lower-floor resident banging on his windows for help from various lake creatures, and I thought: I want to be that guy.   (Read the rest of Jeff’s story: http://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazine/August-2009/Becoming-Chicago/)

Well, Jeff, I AM that guyA true-blue lower-floor dweller in said Lake Point Tower.  Fourth floor, looking straight north and west.  You can’t get any lower than I am and still live here.   And I’m sorry to have to tell you the sad fact, Jeff, that your very own father lied to you.
I tried to make him an honest man, Jeff.  I really did.  But you can see for yourself I’m not up to my neck in water.

See any water, Jeff?

See any water, Jeff?

And I turned over every pillow and book and could not find a single lake monster–unless you count my Picowso here and his whacky buddy:


Or how about these creatures OUTSIDE my window?

Monstrous enough for you, Jeff?

Monstrous enough for you, Jeff?

I even looked in the Skyline Park lagoon–

Look closely, Jeff.

Look closely, Jeff.

–and didn’t find a thing.

So, there you have it, Jeff, straight from the lower-level guy: Lake Point Tower is not sinking and I am not drowning. And there are no lake monsters at my back–or outside my windows.

I will admit one thing, though. Sometimes I stand at my window and wave at people on the sidewalk and know that some of them, like you once did, are wishing they were on the inside looking out.

Are you there, Jeff? Let us hear from you.


  1. Jeff Ruby said

    Loved your response. Glad to hear that water isn’t seeping in your window at the moment. (Or any other moment, for that matter.) I was going to say that those photos could easily be faked. Shortly after I moved here in 1997, I walked by LPT and was devastated to see the foundation at the bottom wasn’t in the Lake. My childhood, shattered!

    My father, it turns out, doesn’t even remember making that comment about Lake Point Tower. I think he has blocked it out now that I have put it in print.

    Thanks for the laugh. And for making me jealous. I still want to live there, under water or not.


  2. garydwilson said

    You’re a great sport, Jeff. Drop by anytime and see for yourself. But call first so I can wax my gills.

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