Drink in those Curves

The Twitter user  @tribtower recently tweeted to Lake Point Tower, “Your curves continually delight me.”

Tribtower apparently isn’t the only one to feel that way.  You hear people describe the building all the time as “sexy” and “voluptuous,” a real “turn-on.”  Sigh.

But it’s easy to understand when you see Lake Point Tower.  Most any day you can find people stopping to stare.  Or continuing to walk with their heads up–way up–until they turn sideways and eventually walk backwards, weaving a bit to and fro, maybe just a tad love-drunk?

Which may have been what happened to the guy in this cartoon that Alan Dunn drew in 1968.

Lake Point Tower has Curves

Cartoonist Alan Dunn

After Lake Point Tower’s architect, George Schipporeitt, saw the image, he sent Dunn a note thanking him, and the two became friends.

The details behind this fascinating story are told in Lake Point Tower: A Design History, which was published in conjunction with Lake Point Tower’s 40th Celebration. The 54-page book, filled with stunning pictures and informative writing, is now be available for $20 at the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s store, 224  S. Michigan Avenue.

But be careful or you may end up like the guy in the cartoon or our friends on the street–a little dizzy, a little light-headed, so in love with LPT.

(Let us know if this has ever happened to you.  Be honest!)


  1. Luke said

    That’s just so precious. Even the winter scene warms my heart.
    The love between humans and structures has been going since their birth,
    -So no matter if just admiring or slightly tipsy, there sure isn’t a wrong way
    of admiring the stunning Lake Point Tower.

    • garydwilson said

      Thanks, Luke. We feel the same way. The place does get into your head.

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