Still Diggin’ It: Lake Point Tower’s Groundbreaking Lives On

Lake Point Tower Ground-Breaking

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Lake Point Tower... Rt. Rev. Msgr. Patrick Hayes; Charles H. Shaw Jr, co-developer; Gregg Schipporeit, son of architect George Schipporeit; Mayor Richard J. Daley; Jon Heinrich, Jr., son of architect John Heinrich; and William F. Hartnett Jr. co-developer.

On November 16, 1965, the late Mayor Richard J. Daley was among attendees at the ground-breaking for Lake Point Tower.  He supported the re-development of the largely industrial site for a residential building.

Invitation to the Groundbreaking of Lake Point Tower

Invitation to the Groundbreaking Ceremony for Lake Point Tower

40 Years Later the Celebrations Continue

Bill Hartnett, developer of Lake Point Tower, at anniversary event

Left to right: Edward Windhorst, William Hartnett, Patricia Spear

Forty years after groundbreaking, developer William Hartnett is shown in the photo above donating his Lake Point Tower hardhat and a bottle dating from the Chicago Fire of 1871 to Patricia Spear, President of the Board of Directors of the Lake Point Tower Condominium Association.  The shovel Mr. Windhorst is holding was used at the building’s groundbreaking by Mr. Hartnett, who later gave the shovel to Mr. Windhorst in commemoration of his writing a book on Lake Point Tower (see below).  Mr. Windhorst promised the shovel to Ms. Spear to become part of a permanent collection to be displayed at the building. The book Mr. Windhorst co-authored is Lake Point Tower: A Design History, which will be available in October from the Chicago Architecture Foundation store.

Anniversary activities will culminate on October 28 with a symposium, “Lake Point Tower: Back Story of an Icon.” The free public event will be held 12:15 – 1:00 p.m. at the Chicago Architecture Foundation Lecture Hall Gallery, 224 South Michigan Avenue. Featured speakers will be Lake Point Tower architect George Schipporeit, now 76, and authors Edward Windhorst and Kevin Harrington.

Related Post:  Film — Lake Point Tower: Story of the Building of a Building. Rare construction footage, narrated by George Schipporeit.

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