Lake Point Tower: A Design History Now Available

See how Bill Hartnett, an ex-FBI agent, turned visionary developer.  And how the 29 year-old architect, George Schipporeit, designed and oversaw the construction of Lake Point Tower.

Some might think of all this as a modern day fairy tale or a story of a handful of very lucky guys who were too young and too smart to accept, “You’re crazy! Who would ever live there?”

Lake Point Tower: A Design History, by Edward Windhorst and Kevin Harrington

Whatever your take on the story, we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading Lake Point Tower: A Design History, by Edward Windhorst and Kevin Harrington. Arthur Miller, archivist at Lake Forest College and author of several works on architecture, calls the book a real “page-turner:”

It’s a fine, readable, viewable, accessible book and a strong case for appreciating fully …the accomplishment, value/livability, and architectural importance of Lake Point Tower.”  He further states that the book “… includes all the the essential historical and technical information in straightforward manner.  Its illustrations are integral to telling that story at many points — historical, technical, and aesthetic. The players are described and shown just enough to have the story make sense: each one’s critical role.  I found it engrossing and indeed a page-turner.”

The book is available now from the Chicago Architecture Foundation store for $19.95 plus tax.

And don’t miss the October 28, 2009, symposium, “Lake Point Tower: Back Story of an Icon.” The free public event will be held 12:15 – 1:00 p.m. at the Chicago Architecture Foundation Lecture Hall Gallery, 224 South Michigan Avenue. Featured will be Lake Point Tower architect George Schipporeit, now 76, and book authors Edward Windhorst and Kevin Harrington.  Bag lunches are welcome.

Learn more about this and other exciting events on the Lake Point Tower’s 40th Anniversary web page.

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