Spirit of the 40th–Lake Point Tower Celebrates

40th Anniversary sign in Lake Point Tower Rotunda

40th anniversary banner in Lake Point Tower rotunda

The celebration of Lake Point Tower’s 40th anniversary on October 3, 2009, was a huge success by any measure.  There was a standing room only crowd far in excess of 300 people.  Owners and their guests got to hear Bill Hartnett tell about how he developed the building, George Schipporeit about how he and partner John Heinrich designed the building and a whole series of speakers say what was so special about Alfred Caldwell, landscape architect and designer of the building’s Skyline Park.  Speakers were followed by a panel discussion featuring Hartnett and Schipporeit being interview by Edward Windhorst. Everyone then attended a wine reception and had their free copy of Lake Point Tower: A Design History signed by authors Edward Windhorst and Kevin Harrington.

Edward Windhorst interview Bill Hartnett, left, and George Schipporeit

Edward Windhorst (center) interviews developer Bill Hartnett, left, and architect George Schipporeit, right

But far more than the formal program and wine and books was the appreciation by those attending that the event was a selfless tribute to a truly beautiful building and those who gave it to us.

Countless time and effort went into planning and executing the celebration on the part of the 40th anniversary commission membersEd Windhorst and Kevin Harrington wrote, edited and produced their commenorative book without charge.  George Schipporeit and Bill Hartnettmust have inscribed their names 200 times in the books of owners and donors.  Donors made generous contributions so that a free copy of the book would be available for each owner.  Building manager John Derby and his team worked hard behind the scenes to make the day go smoothly.  Gary Wilson, Brenda Lashbrook and Peg Corwin put in hours of free time to promote the event.  Owners Dennis and Jane Nelson oversaw purchasing and serving the wine for the event.  Eight volunteers helped pass out programs and pour wine.

Crowd enjoying proceedings at 40th Anniversary Celebration

Crowd enjoying proceedings at 40th anniversary celebration

Everyone, planners and attendees alike, gathered together out of a shared passion for the building we live in. And the effect was magical. We all came away from the experience with a deeper understanding and appreciation that Lake Point Tower is more than just a building.  It’s a work of art. And we — its owners, managers, renters, consultants and vendors — have custody of this work only for a time.  Later, others will step in to manage, own or refresh Lake Point Tower.  But while we have control over our parts of this wonderful creation, we cherish and change it to preserve it for those who come after.

The same day as the event, a Chicago realtor-blogger created a blog post with the title “Does Lake Point Tower still got ‘it’?” The answer by the end of this anniversary celebration was a resounding YES!

Slideshow and Flickr set from the October 3rd owner celebration.  Plus 64 pics from a pro.

Members of the 40th Anniversary Commission: Rolf Achilles, Bob Blaich, Marsha Braunlich, Jimmy Damon, Virginia Erlanson, Shannon Gibbel, Kevin Harrington, Jim Houston, Bud IsIinger, Justine Jentes, Ken Kasten, Paul LeRoux, Nelson Nix, Cil & Deever Rockwell, George Schipporeit, Franz Schulze, Pat Spear, Haksever Suner, Trish VanderBeke, Mary Ann Whelan, Bob Williams, Gary Wilson and Ed Windhorst.

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