Misty Lake Point Tower Appears in The Economist Magazine

Lake Point Tower photo in the Economist Magazine

Photo Credit: Steffen Schragle

Lake Point Tower, or more precisely the tip of Lake Point Tower, made the October 29th issue of The Economist, a British publication.

The copy in the upper right reads:

“The mist came in suddenly from the lake.  I wanted to go higher up to shoot it and the only tower I could find quickly was the John Hancock Centre, a kind of symbol of Chicago.  The white building at the front is the Onterie Center and the dark one behind is Lake Point Tower.”

The image is from a photo-essay entitled “A World of Mist,” by Steffen Schragle, with text by Robert Macfarlane.  Along with Chicago’s building tops were misty photos from New Zealand, Germany and Argentina.

Thanks, Mr. Schragle, Mr. Macfarlane and The Economist.   We residents at Lake Point Tower are honored.

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