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Modern Sculpture and Modern Lake Point Tower

Lake Point Tower and canoes

Photo credit: Ken Kummerer

Photographer Ken Kummerer frames a modern sculpture in front of Navy Pier against the background of Lake Point Tower.

Nancy Rubins, the artist from Los Angeles, calls this work Monochrome II.  Her specialty is using discarded materials and objects to form massive sculptures.

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Misty Lake Point Tower Appears in The Economist Magazine

Lake Point Tower photo in the Economist Magazine

Photo Credit: Steffen Schragle

Lake Point Tower, or more precisely the tip of Lake Point Tower, made the October 29th issue of The Economist, a British publication.

The copy in the upper right reads:

“The mist came in suddenly from the lake.  I wanted to go higher up to shoot it and the only tower I could find quickly was the John Hancock Centre, a kind of symbol of Chicago.  The white building at the front is the Onterie Center and the dark one behind is Lake Point Tower.”

The image is from a photo-essay entitled “A World of Mist,” by Steffen Schragle, with text by Robert Macfarlane.  Along with Chicago’s building tops were misty photos from New Zealand, Germany and Argentina.

Thanks, Mr. Schragle, Mr. Macfarlane and The Economist.   We residents at Lake Point Tower are honored.

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Stormy clouds over Navy Pier, taken from Lake Point Tower

Stormy clouds over Navy Pier, taken from Lake Point Tower by Lake Point Tower
Stormy clouds over Navy Pier, taken from Lake Point Tower, a photo by Lake Point Tower on Flickr.

Look at these lovely clouds over Navy Pier. What a dramatic show of lake and sky.

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Lake Point Tower Condos: A Chicago Search Story

We’re celebrating Lake Point Tower condos today with a Google Search Story.

If you’d like to make your own search story, Google’s got a fun and easy tool.  Click here for the quick explanation.  And here to just jump in and make one.

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Domer Leads Tour of Caldwell’s Park at Lake Point Tower

Lake point tower's park was designed by Alfred Caldwell.  Dennis Domer is his biographer.

Dennis Domer

On July 18, Dennis Domer, an expert on landscape architect Alfred Caldwell, who designed Lake Point Tower‘s magnificent Sklyline Park, spoke with building residents about Mr. Caldwell’s life and work.  The audience gathered inLPTs third floor glass-enclosed warp-around corridor.  Mr. Domer’s expertise, wit and Caldwell remembrances were an immediate hit with the group.

Tour of Lake Point Tower's third floor part, conducted by Dennis Domer

Group tour of Lake Point Tower's third floor roof-top garden

Following Mr. Domer’s presentation, the group toured Lake Point Tower’s Skyline Park The tour was led by Becky Froeter-Mathis, an LPT landscape architect consultant with Hitchcock Design Group.  Two other architects were in the tour group: George Schipporeit, one of the building’s architects; Deever Rockwell, LPT resident and an architect who worked with Alfred Caldwell.

Deever Rockwell, left, and George Schipporeit

Dennis Domer’s’ book, Alfred Caldwell: the Life and Works of a Prairie School Landscape Architect, is available to interested readers.  Please click on the link.

Also, view our Flickr album on Lake Point Tower’s lovely third floor park.

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